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Why write for Geekyard?
There are many things beyond blogging , like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), finding advertiser, promoting your blog at various places on Internet. If you just enjoy writing, leave other things to us.
Our transparent 100% revenue sharing program will make sure that you get paid for your efforts. As a guest author, you can promote your blog to wider audience and still make some money.

100% Revenue sharing program
Geekyard got PR3 and a quite good amount of web traffic.:) So we decided to give my Guest authors a chance to get 100% adsense revenue for their posts. As an Guest author, you will have ONLY your own AdSense content ad unit displayed on every post you publish at Geekyard. You will get revenue for your posts throughout your life. I guess this can’t be made any simpler than this!

Checkout: How to Configure your AdSense Ads on your posts

Some Posting Guidelines
1. Original Work : The post you publish should be original and not published anywhere. You should provide proper credit to original author if you are taking some reference of the article.
2. Avoid Self Promotion : Geekyard will provide a brief intro about you and your blog with a single link-back at end of the post . You can link back to your site articles but that’s allowed only when the link back is relevant.
3. Copyright : You will retain copyright from Creative Commons of every post you publish here.Nothing should be copied from anywhere. If someone is found copying, he will be banned and all his/her posts will be removed.
4. Quality : You should be able to produce quality content with your article or post. Geekyard decision whether to publish a post or not will be final. Also, We reserve the right to edit the post (in minimal, if required with proper information given to author) to suit the blog.

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If you need further help or have doubts, please contact us via Contact form or comments form below or mail me praveen[AT]techpraveen.com

Tips For Your Adsense Success

  1. Write lots of article. The more The Better.
  2. Show uniqueness in your writing.
  3. Set up a schedule to work as much as possible.
  4. Promote your articles in social network sites.
  5. NEVER CLICK YOUR OWN ADS!!! You will get banned !

Topics that you can contribute

  • Apple
  • Blogging (Blogger,Wordpress)
  • Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE)
  • Developers
  • How to’s
  • Internet
  • Os (Linux, Windows)
  • Security
  • Software
  • Tech News
  • Hacks
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