How to Get Back Your Hacked Facebook Account

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Does someone hacked your Facebook account? Can’t access your account when you enter email ID and password?
Don’t worry here is a easy way to get back your hacked Facebook profile.Bad guys out there are using so many tricks to hack facebook users account.My best advice would be read many security forums and articles this will help you to improve system security and it also helps to avoid falling prey to those bad guys.

Steps to Get back your Hacked Facebook Account:

2. Fill up the contact page.
Get Back Your Hacked Facebook Account
3. Correctly fill all the details asked
  • Your email address
  • Full name on the account (Enter the Full Name as you have given in Your Face Book Account)
  • Date of birth.
  • URL (web address) of your profile page.
4. Click Submit button.
That’s it. They will mail you and guide you to reset your Password :)

How to prevent your account getting hacked in Future?

1. Use a powerful Antivirus, Anti Spyware and Anti Rookit Aplications.
2. Set strong passwords for all your mail accounts.Checkout this useful article to create strong Password.
3. Change all your important mail accounts and social networking site passwords at least two months once.
4. Read Security articles and know how people trick to hack your account.This will help you to be extra careful while you are online. 😉
Stay Protected :) Stay connected safely with your friends and family members :)

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  1. Somebody hacked my Email and my Facebook and misusing the both. I cant open the both. how can i get the password. if it possible.

  2. You must know your security question answers, Secondary email id… If the hacked person didn’t change those details. You have chances of recovering it :)

  3. now this link is changed
    can some1 tell me the original link for the page My Facebook Account has been hacked page ??