Google’s 4 Tips for Creating a Strong Password

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Google loves and cares it’s users to stay safe and secure online. They hold a greater responsibility in educating it’s users on how to do a safe surfing online. Online threats are increasing day-to-day and people must me educated the ways to tackle those threads. The following are some simple steps to minimise them,

  • Using an updated Anti-virus (I would personally recommend Kaspersky)
  • Firewall
  • Update Browsers
  • Clearing cookies and logs
  • Having separate passwords for the important services like Google, Facebook, Outlook, Yahoo, and so on.

I have already written an article on How to create strong/Unbreakable Passwords. Hope this article would provide a basic idea on importance of setting strong passwords. If you find it difficult to remember all passwords just use Keypass, a freeware application.

4 Tips From Google on Setting Strong Password

1. Use a different password for each important service

Make sure you have a different password for every important online account you have. Bad guys will steal your username and password from one site, and then use them to try to log into lots of other sites where you might have an account.

2. Make your password hard to guess

“password.” “123456.” “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!” These examples are terrible passwords because everyone knows them—including potential attackers. Making your passwords longer or more complicated makes them harder to guess for both bad guys and people who know you.

3. Keep your password somewhere safe

Research shows (PDF) that worrying about remembering too many passwords is the chief reason people reuse certain passwords across multiple services. But don’t worry—if you’ve created so many passwords that it’s hard to remember them, it’s OK to make a list and write them down.

4. Set a recovery option

Have you ever forgotten your password? Has one of your friends ever been locked out of their account? Setting a recovery option, like an alternate email address or a telephone number, helps give the service provider another way to contact you if you are ever locked out of your account.

Continue Reading at Google’s Official Blog.

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