Couple of Free Tools For Your Windows Machine

Whatever we may say about Windows, but the truth of the matter is that it is still the dominant operating system for both desktops and laptops and the user base keeps in increasing with each system sold.  Now new users who buy a Windows PC are in fix sometimes as it does not come with a lot of free software which is used daily.

 Windows Tools

Let’s find out about some free tools that you can utilize daily to make your life easier and make your Windows environment a better place.

1. Recuva

What to do if you have accidentally deleted some of your documents from the hard drive (internal of external) or your flash drive. This software will help you recover it as long as you have not overwritten the free space with data or formatted the memory. The software is available at

2. Screenleap

What if you want to share your desktop screen with someone? Don’t worry help is at hand. With Screenleap, which is a screen sharing service that works through the browser and you do not need to download and install anything or even sign up. You only need Java which is free and mostly everyone has it. This allows multiple people to view your screen at the same time. This software is available at

3. Rocketdock

Now some users prefer Mac due to its slickness. You can have some of the slickness by using Rocketdock which is a customizable application launcher which provides a clean interface to add/ remove shortcuts and can replace the standard Windows taskbar. You can add themes and animation effects as well. It is available at


This is media software available at which enhances the user experience if you use the computer to connect to the TV or view pictures or listen to music. It has a number of add-ons and has an active user community. The interface is fully customizable and the computer becomes full-fledged entertainment device.

5. Truecrypt

Most of us have certain files on the computer which we do not like anybody to access and view. For this we can utilize the services of TrueCrypt (available at This is free open source encryption software that will secure files on your hard drive which even an experience hacker will find hard to access.

You can also create an encrypted section in the drive and it does not slow the system as well.

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4 Responses to “Couple of Free Tools For Your Windows Machine”


Rocketdock sounds interesting and useful for that sort of Mac feel..


Windows is really dominating the market when it comes to operating system usage. Maybe, they give these free tools to satisfy what really their customer’s wants. You rock!


I have good experience with recuva so I also recommend it.


Recuva, my favorite…

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