JessBuntu 12.04.1 Eye Candy Os Released for Linux Lovers


JessBuntu, a distribution based on Ubuntu 12.04 developed by Jesse. In this, Jesse has modified the Icons, Themes, Wallpapers and given a brand new look 😉 This look will be surely liked by Linux fans.

New apps have been added, such as the Live Wallpaper with custom settings, Screen Cloud and Storm Cloud.

About the Developer:

The following lines are taken from the developer’s page(!about-me/c2414)

Hello, My Name is Jesse and I live in Australia and love Linux . I have be using Linux for over 4 years and only use Linux Now.I do not use Apple or M.S. I am just trying to show what is possible with Linux base operating system. I love the way i could Tweak everything in Linux based O.S.I am trying to encourage more people to give Linux a go or maybe you already using it and don’t know it, Like Banking systems,Phones (Android) uses the Linux Kernel.I believe once a get the hang of it you will never go back to you’re old O.S

Apps included in “JessBuntu”:

JessBuntu comes with new Skype, Firefox, Gimp software and lot more app listed below,

  • Wallch,
  • Coverseen,
  • ClipGrab,
  • Geary Mail,
  • Qbittorrent,
  • Clementine,
  • Cheeseweb cam,
  • Format Junkie,
  • Open Shot with Blender,
  • SuperBoot,
  • Cairo with Custom settings,
  • Unbuntu Tweak.

Key Features of “JessBuntu Eye Candy O.S”

  • Eye Candy Os
  • Cinnamon
  • Live Wallpapers
  • Preloaded Apps & wallpapers
  • Custom O.S
  • Compiz Pre-Tweaked
  • Fast and stable
  • 12.04.1 Lts

Download JessBuntu 12.04.1 from Sourceforge | Password If Asked ( 12 ) | Requirements: 32 Bit Only

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