Download Unity Dark 2 – An Ubuntu 12.04.1 Re-Spin

Unity Dark 2, a distribution based on Ubuntu 12.04 developed by Jesse.Unity Dark 2, is tweaked with Compiz, new themes, new icons, Gtk, plugins, live wallpaper, and more. The plan was to release a new version based on Ubuntu 12.10, but there were some serious problems. Make your linux operating system look unique by using these modified versions 😉

“I was making a 12.10 release of Unity dark but there were too many bugs to deal with as for Compiz does not work properly on 12.10.I just did not like the outcome of the product,” Jesse stated in the official announcement. Read More

Unity Dark 2 was released before JessBuntu 12.04.1 Eye Candy Os 

Features of “Unity Dark 2 Re-Spin”

  • Compiz Effects (no skills needed already done for you)
  • Preloaded Icon & window Themes
  • Preloaded Wallparers (Cool Dark Themes)
  • Conky pre-loaded
  • Extra loaded Programs, Apps, Plugins, Plays Dvds, & Back -up
  • Live Wallpapers (like android)
  • Will open Android files with app added
  • Gnome

Download Unity Dark 2 from Sourceforge | Password If Asked ( 12 ) | Requirements: 32 Bit Only | Official Site

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Thanks for this beautiful and informative update related to the apps and development for Ubuntu. It is indeed inspiring to read the site that is informative and discuss the subject matter in detail to inform the readers about the possibility and release. Keep posting more as your sharing is informative.

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