Download Pear OS 3.0 Panther: Mac-Looking Ubuntu 11.10

Download Pear OS 3.0 Panther- Mac-Looking Ubuntu 11.10

Pear Os – Think Totally Different

Pear OS is a French Ubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution. Some of its features include ease-of-use, custom user interface with a Mac OS X-style dockbar, and out-of-the-box support for many popular multimedia codecs.Pear OS 3.0 is a Linux operating system based on the popular Ubuntu  11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) distribution, comes with GNOME 3 desktop environment, offering you a modern and attractive workstation with only the applications you really need.

Pear OS 3.0 dosen’t contain the Unity interface, instead it has a dock and it has a Mac OS X look-alike icon theme and artwork, including the boot splash and the LightDM login manager.

Softwares & Utilities in “Pear OS 3.0”:

  • Opera web browser,
  • Empathy instant messaging client,
  • Sylpheed email client,
  • Brasero CD burning utility,
  • Synaptic Package Manager,
  • Shotwell picture viewer and organizer,
  • BleachBit system cleaner, and
  • Back In Time system backup utility.

Pear OS 3.0 also features a screenshot utility, a calculator, a text editor, a PPA manager, documents and contacts organizer, PDF viewer, and a terminal. Pear OS 3.0 includes The Pear Appstore to help you easily find and install applications on your system, allowing app browsing by category and quick search, and offering user reviews, screenshots and developer descriptions.

“Launchpad is a full-screen home for all the apps on your PC. And apps purchased from the Pear OS Appstore automatically appear in Launchpad, so you can browse thousands of apps and start using the ones you buy right away.” – says on the Pear OS product page.

Download: Pear OS 3.0 Panther

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3 Responses to “Download Pear OS 3.0 Panther: Mac-Looking Ubuntu 11.10”


I like the idea of having a Mac looking Ubuntu. It makes it easier to “sell”, if you will, Ubuntu to those that don’t know about linux.

When it has the look and feel of something familiar, I have found Ubuntu to be more readily accepted.


Yeah Ubuntu is cool and user-friendly. :)


I’m getting myself familiar with Ubuntu and i love how the OS works. I’m still not that good when it comes to tweaking the shells and what not but i’d love to try this out. Thanks for sharing Praveen. Can i send you an e-mail in case i need some help in implementing this?

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