Command-X and Command-V not working in finder of Mac OS X Lion & Mavericks

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Am unable to perform “Command-X” and “Command-V”(cut & paste) in Finder on Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Mavericks.
When I go into the Finder menu options and click on the “Edit” tab menu, it appears that the “Cut” button is not available and appears as disabled. How to perform CUT & PASTE files in Mac OS X?

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The “Command-X” and “Command-V” (cut & paste) keyboard shortcut works fine in earlier Mac operating systems.  But unfortunately there is some issues with recently released OS like Mountain Lion & Mavericks the native shortcut keys are not working.

So here’s how you cut and paste a file in the Finder in Mac OS X Lion using a keyboard shortcut.

1. Select the file and do Command+C as usual. Yes, we are using the same Copy command that we’ve been using.
2. Now, instead of doing Command+V which you’ve been accustomed to, do Command+Option(or Alt)+V. What this will do is automatically get rid of the file from its original location while copying it to the new location.

So, the cut and paste starts with the same step of copying the file first and the only change is the keyboard keys combination in the next step. The inclusion of Option key does the trick.

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2 Responses to “Command-X and Command-V not working in finder of Mac OS X Lion & Mavericks”


Great tip. I’m on Mavericks and it is one of first issues I faced when I started using it. Will be pretty helpful for the beginner. Thanks a lot for the tip man.


Really useful information. Perfectly explained how this problem can be easily solved.

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