Copyright Policy

All my Blog Contents are Licensed Under Creative commons.So avoid plagiarism.

If you want to link content from Geekyard you are most welcome but before that please read our copyright policy :

1.Before linking the content first contact me
2. If you get permission your can post a short paragraph with content in quotes. Copy quoted material exactly in your blog,forum,website etc.
3. You cannot copy the full article,only a short paragraph with 7-8 lines is allowed.
4. You need to clearly highlight the fact that the content was derived from Geekyard .You must give credits to and paste the exact URL where the quote is from.
5. And at last mail me your article link.


  • Let us make it very clear that we take plagiarism very seriously.We will take the following actions if we find any website republishing our content without our permission.
  • Get the site banned from Google and other Search Engines
  • Getting Google or Yahoo Ads Down from the website
  • Legal Action – We will not hesitate to file a formal complaint
  • Since all articles are licensed under Creative Commons we can take Legal action to ban your Site.
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