[Fixed]Thank Me Later: unexpected T_FUNCTION Message.php on line 505


Two days back I upgraded Thank Me Later Plugin in Techpraveen.com (Running in WordPress Platform) and got the following error,
“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/techpraveen.com/wp-content/plugin/thank-me-later/Message.php on line 505.”

Reason Behind This Error:

Thank Me Later plugin will require PHP 5.3 or above, as closures are not available in previous versions of PHP.
WordPress should have automatically disabled the plugin for you. If you can install the latest version of PHP, the plugin should work. or else try the easy method shown below.


After 2 days of trying various solutions finally the following thing helped me to fix the issue.

    • Login to your FTP account.
    • Navigate to /wp-content/plugins
    • Just Rename thank-me-later folder to thank or any other word as shown below.


  • Save changes.

Now check your site. It will be fixed. 😉

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2 Responses to “[Fixed]Thank Me Later: unexpected T_FUNCTION Message.php on line 505”


Hello. Sorry about the trouble the update had caused. I had incorrectly assumed that closures in PHP were well supported (they have been around for about 4 years now). Just to let you know that the plugin was updated the same day and PHP 5.2.8+ is now supported — you should be able to upgrade to version 3.0.2 with no problems. Let me know if there are any more issues. (See http://wordpress.org/support/topic/my-blog-is-down-and-i-have-no-clue-what-to-do)


Thanks Brendon Boshell, just now upgraded the Plugin and my site works fine. :) No issues :)

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