Adding Google AdSense in Your Posts

In this post  I will show you, how to add your AdSense codes into posts you publish on this blog as a Guest author.

1. First log into your Google Adsense account.
2. Next you need to create a new AdSense for Content ad-unit. Please use following settings for maximum returns.

Ad Unit: Text ads only
Format: 300×250  Rectangle

Border: #FFFFFF
Title: #046380
Background: #FFFFFF
Text: #111111
URL: #046380

See the below screenshot for reference,

Once you done with this Click Get code button. You will get code like shown below, Copy & Paste the code in notepad.

Next login to Geekyard and click My Adsense link on Dashborad.
Next fill up…
  • Your Advertising ID field with value of google_ad_client, ex: pub-0719842071315188
  • Google Ad Slot Number (Size:300×250) field with value of google_ad_slot, ex: 0469555981

Both values can be found in above adsense code as I have shown in Adsense unit code figure.

Once you are done, your ads will appear in all your posts automatically. Your Ads will be like shown below,

Moreover, only your AdSense ads will appear all the time on your posts. And we have only one AdSense content ad unit on any page so that means only you will get AdSense revenue from your posts.

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7 Responses to “Adding Google AdSense in Your Posts”


This is a good post, I stumbled across your article while looking for downloads. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be sure to recommend this site to others.


Hi Praveen, nice post. I have a blog and two other websites also, I am trying hard to get adsense approval but failed everytime. Is there any right way to follow to get approved.
Your response will be appreciable.
Thanks and Regards.


Hi Himanshu your site must be 6 months old with unique contents. See to that you drive more traffic to your blog. Increase your Facebook fans so Google can get an impression this is a good site :) Its worth giving Adsense account to this site.


Hi Praveen, Nice post i have a blogger . but i am trying to get adsence approval but failed everytime. Please given idea and try to post article about bogger adsence approval…


Bala follow the below things before you apply for Adsense,
1. Write unique contents.(Don’t Copy 4m others article)
2. Do some SEO, participate in social networks and drive more traffic to your Blog.
3. Share your articles in social network.
4. Make your readers to comment in your blog.
5. Apply for Adsense by satisfying all Terms & Condition. See to that your blog must be 6 months old b4 u apply.

Google will mainly check your blog contents, traffic and popularity of your site. If you satisfy them they will provide you a Adsense account :)


what’s the name of this plugin you are using?

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