How To Share Blog Links in Google Plus?

When ever we publish an article in blog its easy to share the Updates in Facebook page automatically. But the new Google Plus doesn’t have this feature yet. Google needs to develop this feature in near future to compete its competitor “Facebook“. In this post I will show you how I linked one of the post published in Geekyard in Google Plus.

  • Copy the website URL from browser address bar.
  • Sigin to your gmail account. Goto
  • In Google plus home Paste the blog URL in Stream box.

Google Plus Share Blog Posts with Others

  • Hit Enter. The blog URL alone with some post description.
  • Click Share button. You can also find options to share with circles(Friends, Family, Public…Etc.)

What’s New in Google Plus Share?

Once you shared the post, you can find tiny downward triangle button on the top right hand corner of the shared post. Click on it and you’ll see a menu of options that really help differentiate Google Plus from Facebook. You can find some cool options like,

  1. Edit this post
  2. Delete this Post
  3. Link to this post
  4. Disable Comments
  5. Disable Reshare.

Check the below picture to get a clear cut view,

Edit the post in Google Plus

There is no doubt Google Plus going to play a major role in search results. 😉

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12 Responses to “How To Share Blog Links in Google Plus?”


Keep going with nice articles. and please share us with updated google+ options.

And you are the correct google+ is going to popular and major in social network sites.. and they have to update lots.

it is a beta version and reached 10 millions people in some days only… :))


Yeah sure Abhinav :) Google + reached 10 million users in short span of time is a nice news 😉


I’ve had my Google Plus account for weeks now but I haven’t really used their Share function. I’ve only browsed through my friends’ streams so far but thanks for tips!


Great, I’m going to use that a lot. Thanks for sharing.
By the way, I love the little bird that flies across the screen to follow you on Twitter !


Thanks for this very informative and nice sharing,


thank you for methods of Share Blog Links in Google Plus


@Scooter check this article,
How To Add Animated Flying Twitter Bird In WordPress And Blogger Blogs, :)

nikon travelite binoculars | August 9th, 2011 at 3:57 PM

Thanks for article. This is usefull stuff for me. Keep writing, share the knowledge.

reeha@cheap desinger handbags | August 13th, 2011 at 3:32 PM

after reading this post. I think marketing on Goggle+ is easy than FB. Nice informative post


I don’t know if you guys have noticed but it seems to me like the “Buzz” around Google+ has really diminished since the autumn started. Guess what service has gained a lot of attention when it was launched only to fade into the background soon after ? Yep the Google Buzz (Google will shut down Buzz in the coming weeks).

Let’s hope Google+ won’t suffer the same fate, as FaceBook users could really use an alternative (just to keep things evolving and competitive).


Thanks praveen. I was looking for a solution to share my blog in google plus. Thanks for a wonderful article.

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